Borodach is a barbershop for successful men. By visiting us you find yourself in the atmosphere of the United States of America of the 70s, which is executed in a modern interpretation. We provide the highest quality services. The Borodach barbershop will be served by the masters of the highest category.

About us

Borodach barbershop is the most premium barbershop in Kiev. If you want to feel like a real man and get a service that inspires you to do great things, we are waiting for you at the Borodach barbershop.
Right Bank
Seven days a week 10: 00-22: 00
st. Naberezhno-Khreshchatitskaya 25, Kiev (Podil)
+38 (096) 516 75 75 | +38 (095) 489 91 91
Left Bank
Seven days a week 10: 00-22: 00
st. Mikhail Drahomanov 2B, Kiev (Poznyaki)
+38 (096) 516 75 75 | +38 (095) 489 91 91


  • Men's haircut 550 UAH / 650 UAH
  • Baby haircut 550 UAH / 650 UAH
  • Clipper 400 UAH / 500 UAH
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Beard & mustache
  • Beard Cutting 300 UAH / 400 UAH
  • Mustache haircut 300 UAH / 400 UAH
  • Royal shave 550 UAH / 650 UAH
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Other services
  • Gray hair camouflage 700 UAH / 800 UAH
  • Hair Styling 300 UAH / 400 UAH
  • Father and son (up to 10 years old) 1000 UAH / 1200 UAH
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For the most demanding guests in the barbershop Borodach there is a VIP company. Where every guest can feel all the power of the highest service that is possible in the field of barbering.
Visiting us once, you will get so many emotions that you can’t help but think of the barbershore Borodach.


  • Professional tools
    All our top quality tools from premium global brands.
  • The best barbers of the city
    The bearded barbershop collected at his locations, only the best barriers with extensive experience.
  • Cozy atmosphere
    We have real America of the 70s. The most traditional barbershop in Ukraine.
  • Price quality
    Quality is formed by the details that we have been improving for a long time, this is how we determined the price of our services in the barbershop Borodach.


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Alexander Demchenko
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Ivan Demchenko
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Roman Klimenko
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Sergey Demchenko
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Danil Dudnik
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Zakharii Mishchuk
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Nikita Karpliuk
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